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Blog: Staying connected at Christmas – looking after your hearing aids

By Hearing Link

Today, our festive blog series focuses on looking after your hearing aids.

After spending much of this year at a distance from our loved ones, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we all want to make the most of any time we can spend with our families this Christmas.

If you are hearing aid user, it is important to make sure you go into the holidays with your hearing aid(s) in good working order, so you can hear to the best of your ability.

Every person and their hearing aid is different, and the following tips may not work or be right for you; but here a few things to consider:


Are your hearing aids working correctly?

If you notice that your hearing aid is not working to its full potential, you might need to contact your audiologist for support before the holidays begin.

Audiology services will be limited over the festive season, and also due to the global pandemic, so don’t delay in your audiologist if something isn’t right.

Fully working hearing aids will help you to feel more confident and enjoy  conversations and activities with your loved ones.


Regularly clean your hearing aids

Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit

Part and parcel of using hearing aids is looking after them and making sure that they are kept clean.

This ensures that they operate effectively and to their full potential e.g. hearing aid earmoulds should be cleaned at least once a week.

You may have your own way of keeping your aids clean, but there are also products available that can help you to keep them in tip-top shape.

The Hearing Link Shop offers an extensive range of vent cleaners, earmould puffers and hearing aid maintenance kit.

To browse our full range, visit our Hearing Aid Maintenance webpage.

There are also useful guides online to cleaning your hearing aids including this one by Healthy Hearing – Cleaning your hearing aids


Stock up on hearing aids batteries

If you are able to stay with your family this Christmas, make sure you have a good supply of hearing aid batteries before you go.

If your hearing aid relies on rechargeable batteries, don’t forget to take your charger with you.

Some audiology or sensory support teams offer replacement hearing aid batteries free of charge.

Alternatively, there are lots of online providers who sell hearing aid batteries and accessories, including the Hearing Link shop and Connevans if you prefer to purchase them online.

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