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Humans of Scotland: May’s story continues

You may remember that our volunteer May Wood featured in a 2019 e-book Humans of Scotland.

The book, produced by The Alliance in Scotland, featured 30 inspirational stories from people across Scotland, with a foreword by Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister.

The Humans of Scotland project, running since 2018, has sought to provide a platform for the views and experiences of disabled people.

The project has now published a new collection of stories reflecting 30 individuals’ experiences during the coronovirus pandemic. May’s story is included in a section on disabled people and people living with long-term conditions.

May writes candidly about the anxieties which unforeseen communications difficulties have caused for her:

“I am lucky to live in a small village where folk always greet each other when we meet. I currently miss even these casual exchanges. Due to distancing I find it hard to lip read, and when masks are worn it is impossible! I am still trying to find solutions to these problems… However a walk away out deep into the countryside when it is sunny and the birds singing (yes, my hearing aids let me hear them now!) and wild flowers blooming will always lift my spirits.”

Download the e-book and read May’s story in full