Helpful Hours

Helpful Hours once again packed a punch in February and 16 attendees joining the monthly webinar. The initial response to our first topic has again been excellent and included.

We were delighted to receive the following feedback from our participants.

“Excellent additional information; stuff I hadn’t thought of even after all these years”,

“Made me think more of what I want to get out of appointment”. 

“[am now able] to explain what is important to me about what I want to hear”.

Attendees’ approval rating of the content is now 4.8/5.00, while feedback on the volunteers’ subject knowledge is 4.9/5.00. 

The five sub-sections of this webinar are appreciated equally by the attendees. Although participants may initially be interested in the webinar because they are preparing for their next appointment, our feedback shows that they find something equally of value in the technology and post-appointment sections too.

So far, over 90% of people in attendance are not preparing their first appointment, so there really is something for everyone. 

Around 20% of our attendees are professionals in the sector, so our reputation for providing these is growing. We have also been contacted by an organisation to deliver a bespoke package to their staff in the future – watch this space! 

The next generation of five new presenters meet once a week and Training and Development Manager Michael reports that training is going well:

“The new cohort of trainees for our Helpful Hour presenters is steaming ahead in practising their delivery, sharing their stories and offering each other encouragement. It’s great to see (and hear) the enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge and experience our wonderful volunteers are willing to share”.

Michael, Training and Development Manager

Our new cohort of peer support volunteers allows us to plan further dates which have just been added to the website.  If you haven’t attended one, please take time to join one of our sessions.

Please do help spread the word about Helpful Hours as they are proving to be really useful to attendees. You can find out more about dates here or share our social media posts to promote the sessions. We also have literature available which you can share in your local community. It really does help to spread the word, and your endorsement and personal recommendation goes a long way.