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LinkUp group meets in Edinburgh

Our first LinkUp group was held in Edinburgh recently for individuals and their family members seeking information and support for hearing loss.

These groups have already successfully run across England since last year, and we were delighted to welcome along a full group for this first event in Scotland’s capital. The participants talked about technology, communication difficulties and anxieties and ways they can overcome them.

There was also a chance to try equipment which could support their hearing day-to-day. Our pictures show our lively and engaging discussions.

Our LinkUps bring together a group of around 15 people to explore the challenges of living with hearing loss, to share solutions, and to learn more about the strategies and equipment that can help make life a little bit easier.

The group leaders and participants work together in the early part of the course to agree what topics or issues should be addressed. There are many common topics that tend to occur quite frequently, but there is also an opportunity for unusual topics to be raised and discussed.

Hearing Link is aiming to host one LinkUp a month in 2019, reaching more communities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To register your interest in attending a future group, please email helpdesk@hearinglink.org or call/text 07526 123255.

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