Exclusive badge offer for online shop customers

Our carefully designed pin badge range is super popular with our online shop customers. To celebrate your love for these useful badges, we’ve got a deal just for you

Head over to hearinglink.org/badgedeal to grab our fantastic pin badge offer. Purchase any of our selected £2 pin badges (listed below) and you got the fifth badge for free.

Our pin badges are the perfect companion, offering discreet and visible ways to communicate your hearing difficulty when out and about.

We cater for every need with messaging options including badges for hearing loss, deaf, and lipreader. You can also purchase our international deaf symbol badge. Choose whichever one suits your individual needs.

What’s the offer?

There are nine badges included in our amazing pin badge offer, and you can mix and match any of these to suit your personal preferences. The badges are:

  • “I have a hearing loss, please speak clearly” 
  • “Please bear with me, I have a hearing loss” 
  • “I am deaf, please speak clearly” 
  • “I have hearing loss & I lipread” 
  • “Please be patient, I lipread” 
  • “I am a lipreader, please face me” 
  • “I am with someone who lipreads” 
  • “DEAF” 
  • International Deaf Symbol pin badge (blue) 

Head over to hearinglink.org/badgedeal to grab you deal.