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Happy Birthday to me…happy birthday to me…

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, its been a super busy few weeks. I had a phased return to work following my operation and I’m now back full time. I’m in a different office so a slighter longer commute and less time to blog!

Also it was my birthday so I was celebrating that. I used some of the money I was gifted to purchase new songs on ITunes. I’m really making the most of my new hearing and listening to new songs. I never really bothered with songs that weren’t from the 80s or 90s, songs I could remember before my hearing got worse. Now I’m singing Gangnam Style! Heyyyyyyy Sexy Lady!!!

I also saw Skyfall twice. Skyfall is the first film I’ve seen post implant. Previously I would go to a film and either spend the majority of it going “what did he say?”, “why is she doing that?” or get the full script from my husband afterwards. Unless it was a film of a book, in which case I’d read the book first! (Any Edward Cullen fans out there??)

Skyfall was amazing. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much, I just went along to humour my husband who is the biggest Bond geek you’ll ever meet. I could hear the majority of the script, I could follow what was happening and I didn’t need to ask any questions! I went back to see it again I enjoyed it so much!

I had a visit from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People last week. They wanted to look over my new office to see the environment in which the dog will be working. Alex from Hearing Dogs spoke to some members of staff to find out if any had allergies and checked where the dog would be exercised.

Hearing Dogs are registered recognised assistance dogs trained to alert their deaf owners to a variety of different sounds such as door knocks, fire alarms, telephones etc. The waiting list is currently at 5 years due to supply and demand, I have been waiting 4 years now.

Alex feels I shall be matched next year and believes I will have a non moulting dog due to allergies amongst my colleagues.

It was good to get an update on my position on the waiting list and it was beneficial for my colleagues to find out more about the work of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and how the dog will assist me.

For more information on the work of hearing dogs, visit