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Spread The Word. Part 1

I’m sure everyone has discussed Sainsbury’s intention to make life easier for those with hearing difficulties by teaching (a few? Some? Most?) staff sign language. That’s a great idea and I applaud the company not just because it makes life easier in their stores but because it should encourage other businesses to follow the lead.

No negative thoughts here, but not everyone with impaired hearing is a signer – mainly because sign language courses are incredibly expensive and not readily available. The store is producing a video “Life Doesn’t Come With Subtitles” which should help non-signers as well by highlighting what those in the deaf and HoH community already know – don’t rush someone, look at them when you speak and be considerate – that last one covers soooo much including don’t hide your mouth, but it’s an easy catch all term.

Sue and I have found that most staff we encounter are very considerate once they realise Sue can’t hear and while the vast majority don’t have any signing knowledge they do know that a smile and not rushing things makes the day easier.

Back during the Poppy Appeal Sue dropped another couple of pounds in a box and a uniformed soldier said that she should take a poppy. He was behind Sue, so she didn’t know he’d said anything, I mentioned that she’s deaf and already had a wristband, thanks. The soldier deftly moved around the table so Sue could see him and signed ‘thank you’ to which she signed ‘you’re welcome’. I’m not exaggerating, Sue was delighted.

If I could find a star to wish upon my wish would be that we should all help each other, in whatever way needed, to make the world a better place. Might work for Mr. Scrooge or the Muppets (they do make this place better) but in the real world we’ll just do our best and we’ll get there in the end.

A Merry Christmas and a good new year to all.

Ho, Ho, and Ho from Sue and I.