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Spread The Word. Part 2

Just so you all know, there’s no planning going on here. I make it up as I go along, which applies to most of my life actually.

Sue was telling me after I sent the previous blog over about something her friend, Michelle (a Physioterrorist  ………  Physiotherapist), had told her about work. A deaf patient came in during the day and, during the pre-torture …… sorry, treatment …. part of the session Michelle asked the patient if she was understanding what she said okay. “Fine”, was the reply, “you are very easy to lipread”. “My friend is deaf” etc etc “so I am used to lipspeaking”, said Michelle.

Well, I’ll say that’s a gross understatement. Michelle has been supremely supportive of Sue over the years and her deaf awareness is admirable.

“Do you sign”, asked the torturer …… oops, slipped up there ……. Physio. “Yes” said patient. “I can sign a bit and finger spell” Michelle told the victim …….. again, sorry, meant patient.

The session went well and the patient was so pleased at being totally included, for want of a better description, with everything that took place.

Simple communication skills make those who can’t hear happier. Hardly earth shattering news, but it does highlight what we all know – include don’t exclude.

I meant no offence to those in the Physiotherapy departments around the world. After breaking a couple of vertebrae in my neck and having physio on and off for a few years I have nothing but respect for their help and professionalism. Bet they could crack rocks with their fingers though.

Take care all.