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Do Tell Them.

As it was bitterly cold and trying to snow today Sue and I threw caution to the gale force wind and had lunch at Pizza Hut – bargain price lunchtime buffet with pizza and salad top ups as required. I tell you, we know how to live.

Our server noticed Sue is deaf and provided the best deaf aware service we’ve seen in a very long time. I complimented our server on how she included Sue in everything and the reply was – I just think it’s important and polite to make sure someone with impaired hearing can see the speaker’s face. Simple as that, no training, just (un)common courtesy.

So I’ll send good feedback to the Hut’s website after this.

Before Christmas I was at a checkout at our local Waitrose, it was busy but the operator took the time to pack an elderly customer’s bags and then put them in her wheeled shopping cart. It took time but no one seemed to mind, either because it’s the decent thing to do (help, that is) or because they’ll (with luck) be old themselves one day.

I know Waitrose (other stores probably do the same) pursued a helping and consideration (my words) policy for customers needing a little more time and assistance due to coping problems. In my father’s case Dementia was the problem and staff were friendly and never rushed him when we went shopping, which was most days so he got out of the house. I spoke with a manager and said how much easier I felt knowing staff would let Pa talk about things that might have nothing to do with what we were doing. I phoned the store’s head office when I got home that pre-Christmas day and told them how pleased I was to see the care they took.

So am I being a creep or perhaps hoping for something in return for saying nice things?

Nope, no way. Negative feedback might lead to items being dropped (who wants sun dried, organic, free range, Kale infused, caffeine free, low fat corn plasters anyway?) but enough positive feedback about being deaf aware might raise deaf awareness and make life easier.

At least, I hope so.