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Volunteering with us is a family affair

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Volunteers Steve and Chris Beal with hearing dog Jemma and their family in Southampton for all their fundraising activity to support our Charity.

Just recently, granddaughter Emily (pictured) shaved her hair to raise funds – a really brave thing to do.  Well done, Emily.   

Here are their experiences in their own words.

Emily: “At the time of having my hair shave on 1 July I had Covid, so I could not have anyone in, I was very nervous, but knew that as I was raising funds I could not back out and it kept me motivated.  It took me over a week to get used to it, it was for a good cause, so I am in recovery.”

Chris: “I did the tandem skydive several years ago, but I felt I should try something as I am certainly not very adventurous in anyway and heights have always been a problem for me, unable even to climb a ladder.  My attitude was I would either survive or not, I was the last to jump at 15.000 feet.  It was so cold when I jumped so high up but I loved it and would do it again.  It never cured me of my fear of heights though.”

Sue: “My challenge was the abseil down the Spinnaker Tower!  Like my mum Chris, I have a fear of heights.  I personally felt a great achievement afterwards, but I would not want to undertake it again.  The views were spectacular and waved to my family, I wish I had been a bit more relaxed to enjoy it more.”

Steve:  “At 6ft 7in, they had no wetsuit to fit me and the Solent was freezing, even though at the start of July.  When the dog pulls you through the water its very fast and was over just so quickly.  I enjoyed the challenge and being able to raise funds for the charity.”

(This was a fundraising event where Steve was “rescued” from the Solent by a Newfoundland dog.)