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Getting the most out of Microsoft Teams

By Nicholas Orpin

As mentioned in a previous update we are keen to use some more of the potential of the Microsoft Teams platform with our volunteers. It will be the place for you to get the latest news and updates, as well as opportunities for volunteers such as research.

Equally, you will be able to chat and meet other volunteers from around the UK who volunteer on the same or different services to you. Connecting with others is a rewarding part of being a volunteer and we hope this will help.

All the teams are visible to everyone, so you can also build a picture up of what it means to volunteer on the Helpdesk or at a Community Day if you have never done so, simply by seeing what’s on there.

When you next log onto to Teams with your Charity username* you will see that the Hearing Link Services Volunteer Group has expanded to include:

  • General
    • Chit-chat, share stories and photos about us, what’s going on for us (weather, bank holidays, celebrations, personal milestones,..)
    • Charitywide news (developments, appointments) and opportunities (fundraising, Microvolunteering, etc..)
  • Learning & Sharing
    • Share hearing loss topical news and updates that others may be interested in.
    • Share resources you’ve come across that others can use.
    • Share experiences using technology and talking about technology trends.
    • Share discoveries, ideas, and developments in the hearing sector which the future might have instore for us.
    • Find out about training opportunities within the service
  • Community Days
    • Have the list of events, when, where, and which Partnership Instructors are hosting.
    • Stories and experiences shared from Community Days.
    • Photos shared from Community Days.
  • Helpdesk
    • If you need help or input on a Helpdesk request, post here and others can contribute.
    • Feedback from enquirers posted by the Advisor.
    • Useful files and links connected to the service.
  • Community Outreach
    • Sharing updates on what’s happening on Hearing Support Sessions in the community.
    • Stories, photos and experiences shared from the sessions.
  • LinkUp support groups
    • Dates and locations for groups and online
    • Discussion and sharing ideas about topics and themes covered.
    • Share experiences working on and delivering the service.
    • Stories, photos and experiences shared from the sessions.

*Your username is If you don’t have it or have forgotten your password, or want help getting on, please email me or Alison.

We recommend that you also download the Teams app onto your Smartphone or tablet. This has proven to be really practical, as you get all the features without having to fire up the laptop or computer. It becomes more like WhatsApp if you are familiar with that. Go to the Apple Store or Play Store as you normally would to download an app.

So, plenty to be pleased and proud of in all you have achieved in the first three months of the year, and lots more to come in the next three as well.

Heartfelt thanks again to you all