Paws Appeal – get involved!

Paws Appeal is a series of bucket collections throughout April and May at supermarkets, garden centres, railway stations and many other venues across the entire UK.

We need all our of volunteers to help make this event a huge success by giving up as little as two hours to hold or join a bucket collection in your local area – it’s as simple as that! 

Equipment and guidance are provided by local Community Fundraising Managers as well as experienced local volunteer team leaders, so there is lots of support for new collectors. You won’t need to count money or take it away, this is all taken care of by the team leader. 

Paws Appeal can only be a success if we have enough collectors. You would never be collecting alone, always with another person. You can even sign up with a friend or family member and come along together!  

To find your nearest Paws Appeal collection and get involved, visit 

If you have any questions, please email 

We really need your help to make this a success, but the furry dog ears are optional! 

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