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Something which has come up since Alison submitted her article is the Nimbus access card.  This question from Volunteer Deborah Tomlinson initiated further discussion on Teams. 

“I’m asking if anyone else on the team has heard of Nimbus linked with access card which is apparently a card that communicates your access needs? I’m wanting to book captioned tickets with a carer for the Delfont Mackintosh group of theatres and they will only accept my booking if I pay to get a Nimbus card.”


Helen checked this out and shared the following: For further information check the website The Access Card – Nimbus Disability

There is some information on the theatres’ website and it states that registering for the card is free Accessibility | Delfont Mackintosh Theatres

You can subscribe to their quarterly Access newsletter with latest access performances.

There is an option of paying for the card, which is £15 for three years, if you want to use it in other places; but for the theatre, you can just register for free and obtain a registration number that you can just use at that particular theatre group.

Several of you found this interesting and like me some of you had not heard of this card.  Here are some comments and further discussion of what you have found to be available.

“It’s good to learn about Nimbus, never heard of it and clearly another tool to support those with hearing loss with a wide application. The theatre schemes are quite specific and not all theatres require signing up to a scheme albeit free. with proof of disability. The Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) also runs a similar Access Card Scheme and again free.  It has the advantage of hearing about upcoming captioned or signed performances and ensures up to 50% off ticket prices at the Access Rate. You will still get that rate at other theatres that do not currently run a scheme. I think this will be the way forward as it’s reasonable to require proof given that not everyone is as honest as we like to think they are.”


Find out more here:  Accessibility | ATG Tickets

Alison agrees:

“It’s good to learn about Nimbus, I’ve never heard of it either – I usually just e-mail the theatre and ask for tickets for Stagetext shows – if it’s something I want to see I contact them before they advertise the Stagetext performance as I know they sell out quickly.”

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