Helpful Hours information sheets

Thank you for joining our Helpful Hour webinar – ‘How to get the most from your audiology appointment‘.

We hope that you found our session useful in helping you to prepare for your audiology appointment or for supporting others who may due to attend an audiology clinic.

Below are a series of links for you to download our information sheets which cover the key points covered in this session and links to further resources that could help you.

Information sheets

You can download each sheet individually below or all five sheets together as a bundle.

1. Preparing your appointment

2. Planning your appointment

3. What to expect

4. Choices to make

5. Post-appointment

If you experience any difficulty in downloading these information sheets, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Further support

If you are looking for further support for your hearing loss, our Helpdesk can help. Get in touch via our webform, telephone (01844 348111) and by email.

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