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Intensive rehabilitation programmes

Our intensive residential rehabilitation programmes take place over a period of five days and include up to eight adults with a hearing loss. Many participants bring a family members or friend, and a few bring their children. There are up to 14 participants in total.

Meet/email or contact a community support volunteer who can tell you more about our programmes.

Sometimes we run programmes specifically for families of people who have Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2). For further details, please email helpdesk@hearinglink.org

Watch our short subtitled video featuring sisters Helen (who has a hearing loss) and Colette (who is hearing) talking about the benefits of taking part in the programme.

Information & support

The programme covers a range of subjects: lipreading, relaxation, coping, communication skills, family relationships, balance, cochlear implants, employment, equipment, and services available to assist you. You will get the chance to:

  • step back from everyday pressures to have time to think
  • discuss all the questions on your mind
  • meet volunteers and tutors with hearing loss and find out how they learnt to adapt and manage
  • meet other participants in a similar situation to you
  • your family/friend will receive support in making their own personal adjustments
  • get lots of practical and useful information, including details of local support that will be available to you when you return home e.g. where to get equipment.

Who will you meet?

Many of the programme tutors are deafened and will personally relate to what you are going through. They may even have been through this same programme. All of them will be hugely knowledgeable and experienced.

How will you follow what is said?

Communication support is provided through the week. It may include flip charts, Boogie Boards, and a note taker or ‘Speech to Text’ reporter who will transcribe what is said as it is being said so you can read it on a large screen.

Where do the programmes take place?

Programmes take place in different parts of the UK. The venues are carefully selected hotels ensuring that the environment is comfortable and relaxed.

Has there been any research?

Our programmes have been evaluated, and the results published in the International Journal of Audiology. Sherbourne, K., White, L., Fortnum, H. (2002) Intensive rehabilitation programmes for deafened men and women: an evaluation study. IJA 41: 195-201. Download a pdf summary 

Get in touch

Please email enquiries@hearinglink.org, for further details about our programmes. We look forward very much to hearing from you!

Please note: we have no dates planned at this moment. Please contact our helpdesk for further information.

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