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Link up programmes

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About the programmes

If you want to manage your own hearing loss better, come along to one of our Link up programmes.

The course usually takes place over a weekend, and is led by our experienced volunteers who have first-hand knowledge of living with hearing loss. We also provide communication support (hearing loop and Speech To Text) throughout the two days.

You will meet other people with similar experiences and through group activities and discussions you will benefit by:

  • Learning new skills and communication techniques
  • Meeting others and sharing experiences
  • Managing frustrations and building confidence
  • Recognising your own capabilities
  • Educating your family and friends

We encourage you to bring along a partner, family member or friend as they will greatly benefit from attending.

Get in touch

Please email enquiries@hearinglink.org, call  0300 111 1113 or text 07526 123255 for further details about our programmes. We look forward very much to hearing from you!

Contact our Helpdesk

For information, guidance and support to manage life with hearing loss, please get in touch with our Helpdesk, where people with personal experience of hearing loss are ready to help you take the next steps. We’re here to help.

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