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Welcome to our Professionals page, with useful resources and information for those of you working in the healthcare and social care sectors.

At Hearing Link, we understand the profound impact hearing loss can have on people, as well as those close to them – their family and friends. We work alongside other programmes, complementing the existing services available, helping people to accept their loss and find better ways to live their life.

We can help you go the extra mile, offering added-value support in your local communities, while supporting patient-centred care and independent living.

Please contact us to discuss how we can work with you.

Resources for you

Professionals working with people with hearing loss, including audiologists, GPs, hearing therapists and Sensory Care teams – we offer information, practical support and personal development opportunities.


Offering an insight into the true impact of hearing loss.

Professor Adrian Davis OBE, Public Health England’s Director of Population Health Science says “These films should be used widely to demonstrate what a key issue hearing problems are in the community, the impact that they have on lives and how Hearing Link and other professionals and experts can support people to find solutions for their communication problems arising from hearing loss.”

Webinar – Bridging the Gap

Dr Lorraine Gailey, CEO of Hearing Link talks about how we can bridge the gap between quality person-centred care and the growing pressures on hearing care professionals (Free of charge, 24 minutes).

Webinar – Remarkable Outcomes

Laura Turton, Operations Manager at the British Society of Audiology shares the long-term positive impact of Hearing Link’s Intensive Rehabilitation Programme on peoples’ lives (Free of charge, 12 minutes).


Offering information and advice to professionals as well as patients.

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