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Two across and six down

It wasn’t long after Alex my eldest started big school, he lost the rugby kit and because it was a new school he didn’t know where he left it.  ‘Could be anywhere’ he informed me solemnly.

As rugby sessions came and went, it was clear I had to do something about it, but I was darned if I would buy a new kit and the only solution seemed to be that I talk to someone at the school. I should have done it earlier but I had been avoiding it – there, I finally admitted it.

You see, at the moment I just don’t have the extra energy for talking to the people at the school. When I talk to someone on a subject where I can’t predict their response it’s like doing cryptic crosswords – it’s hard, both for them and for me.

This is how it works: I tell the receptionist in school that my son has lost his rugby kit. I try and predict her reply and I expect something like ‘When was that?’ or ‘Where did he last have it?’ Or ‘We have a lost and found department on the first floor.’ Or ‘Did he have his name in it?’ or ‘What was the colour of his bag?’

My clue is whatever word I can recognise when she moves her lips; hopefully ‘when’ or ‘lost and found’ or…. Turns out she doesn’t move her lips when she speaks and I’m left with zero clues.

I end up apologising to the lady and admitting I don’t understand a word she is saying. I then turn to Alex who makes me understand we have to see Mr Powell.

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