Why leave a gift in your will to Hearing Link?

If you have a personal experience of hearing loss you will be familiar with what it means to live with the communication challenges it can bring.

You will know of the frustrations, the distress, the misunderstandings, the relentlessness, and the exhaustion that can come about.

You will probably appreciate how important it is to have easy access to the right information and appropriate support. Perhaps you know how helpful and beneficial it can be to share experiences with others whose situation is similar to your own.

Leaving a gift to Hearing Link in your will is about more than making a financial contribution. It is also a way that you can show your empathy and understanding for what it means to live with hearing loss.

By leaving a gift of support, you are leaving a lasting legacy

You are contributing to a future where it is far easier for people to gain the knowledge, skills, information and contacts that they need to adjust to hearing loss and to manage the on-going challenges it brings.

With a gift in your will, you can help Hearing Link to ensure that good information and support is always available for people with hearing loss, their family and friends. With a gift in your will, you can help Hearing Link to continue to represent the needs, views and concerns of people with hearing loss and their loved ones, and to continue to push for improved services and provision.

With a gift in your will, you can help Hearing Link provide a safety net which will always be there for anyone who finds themselves at breaking point or in crisis as a result of hearing loss.

Ronnie’s story

In 1977, I hit the wall. I had lost my remaining hearing and had also lost my job. I was in a state of personal crisis. As a tribute to the help and support that I received when I most needed it, I will be remembering Hearing Link in my will.

Ronnie spent his childhood with undiagnosed hearing loss and he left school at 14 without qualifications. He went into food retailing and by his early 30s, he had become a director of one of the UK’s largest retailers. Around the same time, he lost his remaining hearing and became profoundly deafened. He was devastated. It was at this point that Ronnie discovered the LINK Centre for Deafened People (now Hearing Link).

He was accepted onto a specialist course and equipped with the knowledge and skills to help him get his life back on track. This is the very same course that Hearing Link continues to run and which is known as the Intensive Rehabilitation Programme.

Ronnie gradually got his life back on track. He set up and ran his own company, a business that grew and flourished until he sold it in 2001 to enjoy a life of semi-retirement. Throughout these years, Ronnie’s involvement with Hearing Link has continued. He has undertaken a variety of voluntary work and in 1999 joined our Board of Trustees.

Ronnie now has bilateral cochlear implants. He married Barbara in 1967 and they have three daughters and three grandsons.

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