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Let’s Hear

About Let's Hear

Hearing Link’s Let’s Hear campaign empowers local people across the UK to improve hearing experiences in their own communities – from high-street retailers and hairdressers to banks and council offices, from cinemas to supermarkets and beyond.

Let's Hear for Rotarians

Hearing Link and Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland have come together to collectively support the national Let’s Hear initiative – to create better hearing experiences for people in our local communities.

Rate & Review hearing loops

Visit our Rate & Review Website to find out about hearing loops in shops and premises local to you. Use it to leave feedback about hearing loops in public buildings.

Become a loop checker

Volunteers who have hearing aids or cochlear implants with ‘T’ settings are being sought to carry out checks in their local area. Join the team!

What is a hearing loop?

A hearing loop is a special type of sound system for use by people with hearing aids. Watch subtitled videos.

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