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We all want to hear at our best – whether we are at home, at work, or when we are out-and-about. Simply ‘getting by’ is not enough. Being heard and hearing well helps us feel included, understood and involved. We become active and engaged – empowered to participate in society at a level of our choice.

Hearing Link’s Let’s Hear campaign is a community-driven campaign to enhance hearing in public places. It empowers local people everywhere to improve hearing experiences for themselves, in their own communities – from high-street retailers and hairdressers to banks and council offices, from cinemas to supermarkets, and beyond.

Providing better hearing accessibility

In 2012, when we launched the pilot campaign, ‘Let’s Loop the UK’, Hearing Link became the hearing aid users’ champion, promoting and improving standards of hearing loop provision. This essential piece of technology improves the listening experience for millions of people in the UK who use hearing aids or implantable devices – helping them to listen more easily, cutting out any unwanted background noise, transforming garbled public address announcements to intelligible information and creating clearer sound.

However, hearing loops are often absent, they don’t work properly, staff don’t understand how to switch them on or use them, or the hearing aid users themselves are unaware of what a loop is, the benefits they bring, or how to use one. Volunteers, as members of community-based loop groups, work as loop checkers, visiting public buildings and businesses in their local towns to audit loop availability and quality.

With properly working hearing loops in more public buildings and venues, which are both well signed and maintained, together with staff who understand their purpose and value, hearing aid users can feel more included and considered.

A network of sustainable action

Through Let’s Hear, we will build on our successes to date, expanding our network of volunteers and establishing 45 new Let’s Hear Groups by 2019 to build a groundswell of community activity which improves listening experiences.

These volunteers are often hearing aid users themselves, and they sit at the heart of our project. Not only do they actively check local buildings and premises, but they directly benefit by using assistive technology, expecting it to work and challenging when it does not.

Working in partnership

We have developed our campaign by working alongside individuals, organisations, audiologists, hearing aid and hearing loop manufacturers, architects, loop installers and leading supermarkets, pharmacies, high street banks and other service providers.

Our core partners in developing and delivering the campaign include:

  • Rotary International – Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland has adopted Let’s Hear as a Rotary Community Project. Clubs can be assured that Let’s Hear has gone through the process of due diligence and is approved. A growing number of Rotary clubs are working closely with us to develop and expand the campaign. Your club could be one of them.
  • The National Trust – a huge supporter of our initiative, striving to improve access for people with hearing difficulties and making them feel more welcome.

To get in touch, email enquiries@hearinglink.org.

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