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Become a loop checker

Hearing Link’s Let’s Hear initiative (formerly Let’s Loop the UK) aims to harness the energy and enthusiasm of Hearing Link volunteers to both raise the profile of loop systems in public places and improve their effectiveness.

We are recruiting volunteers who use hearing aids or cochlear implants with ‘T’ settings, to carry out checks in their local communities in places such as hospitals, theatres, shops, offices and banks. Loop listeners can also be provided so non-hearing aid users can also take part.

The information gathered will also be used to encourage retailers and providers of public services, to improve accessibility for people who are hard of hearing. It will also help us to generate greater understanding of hearing loop technology amongst hearing aid users.

To get involved in our campaign please email enquiries@hearinglink.org 

Video: How can a hearing loop help you?

(thanks to Let’s Loop Swindon)

Video: How to check a hearing loop

(video produced by Ampetronic in conjunction with Hearing Link)

What next?

If you would like to be actively involved in checking loops and improving hearing experiences in your local community, you can contact us at enquiries@hearinglink.org to find out if there is a Let’s Hear Group near you.

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