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Let’s Hear for Rotarians

Hearing Link, has joined forces with Rotary International Great Britain & Ireland to improve listening experiences across the UK.

Why Let’s Hear?

We all want to hear at our best – at home, at work, and when out and about. Being heard and hearing well helps us feel included, understood and involved. Simply getting by’ is not good enough.

That’s why, Hearing Link and Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland have come together to collectively support the national Let’s Hear initiative – to create better hearing experiences for people in our local communities.

Hearing Link logoLet’s Hear volunteers

Our volunteers play a vital role:

  • inform people so they better understand their hearing aids and implantable devices, and can take advantage of today’s hearing technology
  • audit local venues to check the availability and quality of assistive hearing technologies (including hearing loops, personal listening devices, Bluetooth and WIFI streamers)
  • encourage premises and venue owners to consider the wider acoustic environment, including background noise, music and quiet areas
  • promote information about good communication habits and behaviours.

Rotary InternationalLet’s Hear for Rotarians

Rotary clubs are in the perfect position to:

  • provide mentors to help set up new Let’s Hear groups
  • set up local steering groups to drive community action
  • reach out to local people across the country
  • recruit and actively engage with new members
  • promote better hearing opportunities.

Think you could help?

We are seeking Rotarians to help promote and support our growing network of Let’s Hear groups in communities across the country. Email enquiries@hearinglink.org.

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