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New products available to make life easier for deaf people

We are now offering the ClearMask™ transparent face covering and a ‘I have hearing loss and I lipread’ face covering in our  online shop, to help make things easier for deaf people who lipread. 

With face coverings mandatory in places like shops and supermarkets, deaf people and those with hearing loss who rely on lipreading are facing massive communication barriers when visiting these places. Not only does this make things incredibly difficult, it can also pose safety risks. 

By wearing a clear face covering, you will be helping to reduce the barriers lipreaders have to face, making their lives much easier. And if you rely on lipreading yourself, you could benefit from our new ‘I have hearing loss and I lipread’ face covering, which alerts others to the fact that you have certain communication needs. 

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Images supplied courtesy of ClearMask™ and Kustom Clothing.