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Study assesses solutions which improve online conversations for cochlear implant users

The Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre has launched a new study which aims to better understand which technology solutions (such as live transcriptions) may help to alleviate the challenges experienced by individuals who use a cochlear implant during online conversations.

They are looking for adults (age 18 or over), who use at least one cochlear-implant, speak English fluently (able to read and understand the questions), with normal or corrected -to-normal vision (e.g. glasses), and with no cognitive impairments (e.g. dementia).

If participants meet the inclusion criteria, they will be invited to complete an online test that consists of some questionnaires and listening tests.

It takes about 30 minutes in total to complete, however, participants are allowed as much time as they need to take part. Every participants shall receive a £5 gift voucher for their participation in the study.

For further information about the study read the following information sheet: Patient Information Sheet. To take part click the link below.

It is recommended that participants use a large screen device such as computers or tablets to take the test (please avoid using Apple devices since they are not compatible with the test):

Please make sure the “Finish” buttong is clicked at the end of the test for responses to be recorded.

If there are any further questions about the study, please do not hesitate to contact the main researcher: Francisca Perea: