Hearing Dogs partner publishes children’s book

A Hearing Dogs partner and LinkUp attendee, Mel has published a children’s book called “Little Brown Mouse and the Silent World.”

Little Brown Mouse and the Silent World

This is a sequel to Mel’s first Little Brown Mouse book. It is intended to help children understand hearing loss and the ways they can support anyone affected.  

It’s suitable for young children from approximately 4 years old (with an adult to guide through the story) to independent readers all through primary school age. 

The story is based on Mel’s own experience of hearing loss, but told through the characters of Mouse and all his friends in the garden where he lives. 

Written by Mel Wardle Woodend and illustrated by William Scarratt, Little Brown Mouse and the Silent World is a dyslexia friendly publication by Dream Well Writing Ltd. With wonderful endorsements by Tom Kane, Deaf N Able Ltd, and Dr Chloe Harrison, Aston University.

The storyline

After his earlier adventures with Grasshopper, Mouse returned home to his garden in England, where he lived with all the other garden animals. 
One morning, Mouse awoke to find that something strange had happened in the night… He could not hear! 
How will Mouse manage his new way of life? Will his garden friends be able to help? 


‘A lovely tale for children, with smashing illustrations, that will give them an idea of what it is like to lose your hearing and how your friends can help you adjust. Beautifully written by someone who herself has recently lost some of her hearing.’ – Tom Kane, Deaf N Able Ltd. 
‘Little Brown Mouse and the Silent World sensitively explores the topic of hearing loss. It follows the adventures of little Mouse, who wakes up one day without being able to hear the familiar sounds of the garden. Wardle Woodend’s story provides children with an insight into the experience of hearing loss, and highlights the importance of supporting and being aware of others’ communication needs. Mouse must navigate new challenges, but, with the help of his friends, he learns to enjoy his life in the garden again.’ – Dr. Chloe Harrison, Aston University. 

Order your copy of “Little Brown Mouse and the Silent World” here.