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Lipreading Awareness Week (10-14th September)

Lipreading Awareness WeekToday marks the start of Lipreading Awareness Week 2018. This week (10th-14th September) is an opportunity to raise awareness of hearing loss and how learning to lipread can support communication. Led by the Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults, there will be a series of free taster sessions taking place across the country for […]

EE creates phone package specifically for deaf people

The mobile network EE has produced a series of plans specifically for people who are deaf or experience hearing loss. Customers will receive 2GB of data and unlimited text every 30 days. Read the full story at: https://inews.co.uk/news/ee-mobile-phone-package-deaf-hearing-loss/ External links: Hearing Link is not responsible for the content of external websites. Some of our external […]

How accessible are broadband customer services to the deaf community?

Broadband customer services have been described as “insulting” and “inaccessible” to deaf customers, with campaigners calling for a change in the way providers look at accessibility. www.cable.co.uk has carried out an investigation into the accessibility of broadband providers for people with hearing loss. Read the fully story on their website: https://www.cable.co.uk/news/how-accessible-is-the-telecoms-industry-for-the-deaf-community–700002616 External links: Hearing Link is […]

Student tinnitus research – can you help?

Student tinnitus research - can you help?A Psychology and MSc student at Leeds Trinity University is looking for your help with a research project. Charlotte Croshaw, under the supervision of Dr James Jackson, is conducting research into healthcare satisfaction and tinnitus distress. The research aim is to explore the relationship between a person’s first interaction with a tinnitus healthcare professional and their degree […]

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