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May deal: £1 off Personal Awareness Kit

If you’re looking for visual reminders that alert others to your hearing loss – our Personal Awareness Kit (PAK) is for you.  And now it has £1 off for the month of May. Perfect for summer holidays or overnight stays in hospital or hotels, out kit comprises of stickers, alert cards, door hanger, lanyard, magnetic sign, […]

Join our LinkUps

Are you struggling to manage your hearing ?  Would you and your family find it helpful to share your experiences with like-minded people? We’ll be delivering our highly-regarded LinkUps on a regular basis, offering an opportunity for you to work with others over two days to find ways to live better with your hearing. Our next […]

Product of the month: Hearing aid maintenance kit!

Our fabulous product of the month for April is our Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit!   Head over to shop.hearinglink.org to pick up yours for only £7.99 plus postage.   This easy-to-use product is perfect for cleaning and looking after your hearing aid.   The kit contains:  Blue earmould puffer for drying out condensation in the earmould tubing.  All in one waxtool, brush and […]

Participants sought for hearing loss drug trial

People with hearing loss are being invited to join a clinical trial of a new drug call ed REGAIN. Age-related hearing loss is usually caused by loss of inner ear sensory cells. The assumption has long been that this type of hearing loss (“sensorineural hearing loss”) is irreversible because once the hair cells in the […]

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