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Loop listeners added to online shop

loop listener device with headphonesWe’re delighted to have added a new item to our range of products on our online shop.

Loop listeners are a compact listening device which allows you to interact with hearing loop systems.  Produced by Contacta, it enables people to listen to  a hearing loop as if they were using a hearing aid.

Typically loops are used by hearing aid users when it is switched to the ‘T’ position.  The hearing loop helps to remove background noise which can prevent the user from hearing properly.  They are typically found in train stations, banks, shops and other public buildings such as churches.

The loop listeners help to determine if a hearing loop is working properly.  It can be used by non-hearing aid users or those users who don’t have a ‘T’ setting on their hearing aid.

Our listeners are priced £48.00.  Delivery charges are additional.

To find out more about hearing loops contact our Helpdesk.