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Blogger to raise money for Hearing Link through e-book

Laura LowlesBlogger and Hearing Link supporter Laura Lowles is to raise money for our charity through the publication of her first e-book.

Laura, a cochlear implant recipient, started her blog ‘The Invisible Disability & Me’ in 2014 which shares her experiences of hearing loss and her journey to receiving a cochlear implant.

Inspired by her blog posts, Laura has now penned her first e-book, named after her blog.

The e-book covers topics such as tinnitus, hearing loss in the workplace, travel and cochlear implants, offering tips and hints on how to cope with hearing loss on a daily basis.  Laura also writes about her personal story and shares the advice she has received along the way.

To help publish the book digitally and in hard copy, Laura is calling on her blog readers and supporters to back her Kickstarter crowd funding campaign.  To find out more, visit her blog.

Once printed, proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to our charity as a token of appreciation for the support we have given to Laura and her family.

To support Laura’s efforts, visit: