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The Top 5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Hearing Aid: part 1

By James A Grindlay

We all know that hearing aids vary wildly in their usefulness and consistency: some can be fantastic for years, and some are duds right out of the box. However, there’s always a chance to improve what they can offer, regardless of their performance. Why? Well, accessories of course!

Whether it’s a low-end health service aid or a high-tech piece of modern kit (and how they’ve improved over the years!), there are certain additions that you can – and should – include that just make life that little bit easier. If you’re anything like me, and still like to keep up-to-date with the latest tech, then some accessories can be absolute game-changers. That’s why I’ve set up this list: to showcase those items which make you wonder ‘what did I ever do without them?’

So, without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

5. Wireless Doorbell

Regardless of your level of hearing, it’s always of paramount importance to keep yourself active and engaged. With wireless doorbells, you can do exactly that: with the right brand, their adjustable volume can reach a whopping 115 dB and some have a wireless range of up to 400 metres (1300 feet). This means that your hearing aids can pick up the sound of the doorbell from the opposite side of the house, even if you’re in the back garden. A great solution for never missing those important guests.

4. Hearing Aid Drying Box

Now that the days are shorter, the nights are keep wading in and winter is well and truly with us, it’s pertinent to remind yourself that your hearing aids aren’t best suited to wet weather. Indeed, even mere condensation can play a significant role in damaging your devices if left unchecked. Thankfully, there are plenty of affordable hearing aid drying boxes on the market – many of which double-up as high-speed chargers (if you have rechargeable aids). These handy little boxes can store your aids and dry them out completely in a few short hours, meaning that your hearing aids are liable to last a whole lot longer – well, at least until the summer! Overall, though, it’s well worth the investment.

3. TV Streamer

If you’re after a cinematic-quality TV experience that allows you to stream audio directly from your device to your hearing aids, then a good TV streamer is exactly the thing you’ll need. Although moderately priced, these discreet pieces of kit more than make up their value. Most modern versions come with a mightily impressive range as well, so you’re able to walk out of the room, make yourself a drink and still not miss a beat.

In part 2: the top 2!