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Creative workshops to shape the future of hearing devices

Creative workshops to shape the future of hearing devicesWhether you already have experience of using a remote microphone or may consider using one in the future, Sonova is looking for participants to get involved in creative workshops running on the 1st & 2nd September in London. These 3.5 hour sessions are fun and dynamic. Sonova are also seeking expert opinion and welcome audiologists and […]

Product of the month: Otovita cleaning wipes

Otovita cleaning wipesKeep your hearing aids clean with our fantastic product of the month for July. Otovita Cleaning Wipes are alcohol-free cleaning and anti-microbial wipes for hearing aids, earmoulds and other small items. Our pack of 30 wipes are available on our online shop for just £8.99. Visit: https://shop.hearinglink.org/product-of-the-month–otovita-cleaning-wipes—30-pack-212-p.asp to pick up yours today. Delivery is charged additionally.

Gaming session for hearing aid users

The University of Nottingham is hosting a session next week for hearing aid users interested in gaming. The session is part of the university’s 3D Tune-In project which has developed a digital game and a website application for adults with hearing aids. One is a game that is designed to teach people with hearing aids about […]

Link between hearing loss, dementia and depression

A new long-term study has confirmed a link between hearing loss and dementia and depression in older adults. As part of World Hearing Day earlier this week, the British and Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (BIHIMA) highlighted an important new study into the link between hearing loss and depression, disability, and risk of dementia in […]

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