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One year on

I can’t believe that just over a year ago I was getting my head drilled into! I’ve come so far since then, I can now hear the wind in the trees, I can enjoy music again, I can hear birds, I can hear familiar voices on a mobile phone (but strangely nothing on a landline) and much more.
My confidence has come on leaps and bounds. I feel much less left out than before. It really was the best decision I have made.

There are still times when I struggle and I have to keep reminding people of this. I struggle in group situations, where it can be noisy and several people speak at once. Just yesterday I was struggling to follow a conversation on a busy noisy train. Sometimes I miss the door knocking and other times I do not hear the office fire alarm.

But its still a big improvement!

I had another check up at the Cochlear Implant Centre where I underwent the same tests as before – watching a video with and without sound. The results were really interesting. My score for sound and lip-reading together was 100%!!! Interestingly my score for lipreading alone had dropped. I was told this was because I was relying more on hearing than lipreading and this is to be expected with cochlear implants.

I’m really pleased with my results!

I also had my hearing aid in my non implanted ear adjusted although the sound will never be as good as I want it to be. I would still love a second implant and be bi-lateral but I just have to wait and hope that things change in the near future!

That’s me now finished my blog and I hope you enjoy reading through it and watching my videos. Feel free to continue asking me questions.