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A poem about nature and a visit to the doctor

Chris was going to make history last week. He was chosen to represent his school with his poem Nature at the first ever Literary festival in Dinefwr; rubbing shoulders with well known Welsh literary artists such as Howard Marks, Gruff Rhys. Gillian Clarke and Joe Dunthorne ….. In case you are wondering, I can take absolutely no credit for Chris’s artistic endeavours, I have yet to be successful in getting him to do his homework, never mind writing poetry.

But there he was visiting Dinefwr practising the recital of his poem and from what I gathered, doing very well. And then we had a call that he had been sick and if we could collect him. I think the time when my children are sick is when I feel the most vulnerable and stressed with my hearing loss.

A mother is supposed to be there to protect and care for her children and I am, but I feel intensely at a disadvantage and I admit scared, when they are too unwell to little more than whisper where it hurts and I don’t understand. Rob was unable to go with me and I wasn’t sure exactly where Chris was. Fortunately someone spotted me waiting my turn at the information desk and brought Chris over.

He was pale and quiet. He had a high fever for 3 days before I took him to the doctors poor darling had tonsillitis. It wasn’t getting any better, so down the doctors we went. Chris not feeling very bright at all, noticed we were called, but immediately forgot the room number. Fortunately, the doctor – a father of a child in the same class as Chris remembered I was deaf and came to fetch us.

The interview wasn’t easy, I was tired and stressed and the doctor like most people was reluctant to write anything down, but after a lot of repetition; him to make sure I understood and I, to make sure I had indeed understood – we finally agreed he had tonsillitis and needed antibiotics four times a day.

Damn, I’d done well I thought, and continued to feel quite pleased with myself until at home Chris was sick in the bathroom and I didn’t even hear him!

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How do you cope without an interpreter at the doctors?