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It’s All In The Wrist Action.

Charlie, the farm cat, doesn’t like being picked up let alone being put in a carry box – come to that, he’s not a people cat either. But he does trust and adore Sue. When we get to the farm Charlie usually appears from nowhere and winds around Sue’s legs. I’m pleased to say he’s my friend as well. Which is why we were concerned to see him limping, how were we going to get him to a vet? 

Luckily an equestrian vet was at the farm a couple of days later and was agreeable to take a chance at checking the cat out if Sue could hold him. Pleased to say it was just a sprain and our feline pal forgave Sue for letting a complete stranger take such liberties. He also looked sorry for leaving scratches on Sue’s forearm and shredding her ‘Lipreader, please speak clearly’ wristband. 

That was between Christmas and New Year so I said I’d order new bands when life returned to normal after the holidays. So, for a week and a half Sue was without her visual means of advising people she has a hearing loss, and she felt very odd without the band – not as happy. 

I gave Hearing Link a chance to settle back into the usual way of life before I phoned to place the order – I know, I could have ordered on-line, but I wasn’t sure what to order. Laura helped me pick out what was most ‘representative’ for Sue’s needs and next day two of the above mentioned band and two ‘I have a hearing Loss’ bands arrived in the mail box. 

The colours are striking and stand out to attract attention and Sue is happy to be wearing one of each. It’s not high tech and definitely not complicated, but the bands serve a valuable and instant service and Sue recommends the bands if you haven’t tried them yet. 

It’s a lot quicker to flash the wrist and explain afterwards.