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Phone & hearing survey

You can win £300 in Amazon vouchers by completing a (reasonably!) short questionnaire.

The questionnaire asks about your experiences of making and receiving phone calls and in using other forms of communication. It aims to gather data that will influence phone service providers.

The questionnaire has been created by Ideas for Ears, a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Scotland, which is on a mission to help people hear well on the phone.

Sally Shaw, director of Ideas for Ears said: “Not being able to hear someone clearly during a phone call is a difficulty faced by many. Unfamiliar accents, background noise and variable clarity or volume can cause frustration, and sometimes even fear, around making or receiving a call.

“We want to understand more about the experiences that people have. How easy or difficult is it to use the phone? What other forms of communication do you use?

“The findings from the questionnaire will help us influence the people and businesses who have the power to create new solutions. We want to make sure that they are putting their time and money into finding solutions that people need, want and will use.”

It will take around 15 minutes to complete the survey. It is for people who live in the UK (including Northern Ireland) and the Isle of Man. If you have very little or no hearing then the questions being asked could be less relevant to you.

The more responses there are, the more data and evidence that Ideas for Ears will be able to use to influence the industry specialists.

Everyone who completes the questionnaire, has the chance to win £300 in Amazon vouchers! Closing date is midnight 13th August 2017.

Click on the link to open the survey

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