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New lipreading class for Armagh

The Banbridge Lipreading Group is starting a new lipreading class next month in Armagh. The group, which is led by Les and Ramona Williams, already has two classes in Northern Ireland – one in Banbridge, the other in Newry. The Armagh class will start on Tuesday 1st May at The Dobbins Centre from 2pm to 4pm.  […]

Participants sought for hearing loss drug trial

People with hearing loss are being invited to join a clinical trial of a new drug call ed REGAIN. Age-related hearing loss is usually caused by loss of inner ear sensory cells. The assumption has long been that this type of hearing loss (“sensorineural hearing loss”) is irreversible because once the hair cells in the […]

Introductory lipreading course – Bulkington

The Central England Lipreading Support Trust (CELST) is offering an introductory course in lipreading.  If you are interested in finding out how lipreading can support you head along to Bulkington Village Centre on Thursday afternoons between 1.30 and 3.30pm.   The classes start on April 19th and are delivered by an accredited ATLA tutor.  The course is free […]

Events and entertainment survey

Sheffield Hallam University student Emily Webster is looking for people with hearing loss to complete her survey on accessibility for events and entertainment venues. The survey is part of her dissertation on whether adjustments in place for deaf and hard of hearing people are adequate. She has chosen this subject due to her poor experiences […]

Gaming session for hearing aid users

The University of Nottingham is hosting a session next week for hearing aid users interested in gaming. The session is part of the university’s 3D Tune-In project which has developed a digital game and a website application for adults with hearing aids. One is a game that is designed to teach people with hearing aids about […]

Give your views on new protocols for meetings and events

New protocols have been written up with the aim of making meetings and events more accessible and inclusive to people with hearing loss. These have evolved from survey work that identified that people with hearing loss are experiencing widespread and significant difficulties in hearing and following things, and that this is often not connected with […]

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