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Linda’s Way

Congratulations to Linda, who has completed the 102.5 km walk from Leon to Santiago de Compostela, raising a total of £758.75 so far.

She spent nights in freezing temperatures and walked in pouring rain, bitterly cold winds and thunderstorms whilst on other days the temperature reached 26 degrees.

Linda met some interesting people along the way, including two men living in a cave and Kendra who is from the Comanche tribe in Oklahoma. Linda strapped up Kendra’s injured leg and, when they met again at their final destination, Kendra gave Linda a Comanche scarf which she will treasure forever. She also met a group of 20 blind people with guide dogs who were tackling the Camino.

The walk included dirt tracks and riverbeds as well as steep climbs up to hillside chapels and steep steps back down again.

There were spiritual moments along the way as well as deep contemplation. Linda says she felt particularly emotional when she reached the Iron Cross after a long climb, even although she was disappointed that the iron cross has now been replaced with one of wood.

Through stunning woodland and countryside and yet more steps up to the old town of Sarria, legs sore and exhausted, she tackled the final 100km, feeling exhausted but euphoric.