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Jenny Sullivan obituary (1948 – 2022)

We were saddened to hear of the death of Volunteer Jenny Sullivan in December last year.  She was based in Fife and first joined us as a Hearing Support Services volunteer at the audiology department in Edinburgh just before lockdown. 

Even lockdown couldn’t suppress Jenny’s enthusiasm and commitment to her role supporting others with hearing loss and she became one of our IT Superusers.  This small team of volunteers worked really hard with staff members to provide our LinkUp Online sessions. It is a testament to Jenny’s determination that she learned to use Teams herself, going on to support LinkUp participants to do so too.

Jenny was also a helpdesk responder, always quick to reply to enquiries on any topic in her calm and understanding way.  Her warmth and empathy meant that those she supported on a one-to-one basis via Teams felt less alone and much better understood. We are genuinely grateful for her enthusiastic and helpful responses to requests for feedback from the HLS staff team.

Post lockdown, Jenny was keen to resume face to face volunteering roles but it wasn’t to be.  Following a hip replacement in October Jenny was diagnosed with cancer and died a few short months later in December last year.

She had been very active within her community in Fife and was instrumental in getting the Dunfermline Hard of Hearing group started up and remained a key contact for the group, organising talks and sharing information, including news about Hearing Link Services.

Jenny was warm and sensitive and always happy to support others in any way she could Her sense of humour was much appreciated when she popped into the Ear ‘n’ Dog.

We will miss her.

Jenny (far left) with other HLS volunteers at the 40th anniversary celebration in Falkirk last July.