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Volunteer portal

We need your help to create the HLS Volunteers’ Portal. 

The portal will be an online space where you can access the information you need and want to support you in your volunteering role. 

The Peer Support Team – that’s Nicholas, Michael and me – will be very much involved and our aim is to enhance and broaden the support we can give you.

A glimpse of the portal and how it fits with other support we can offer you:

What else will be on it? 

That’s mainly up to you.   What do you want to see?  What do you want to know? We would love to know your ideas and suggestions so we can make this space as engaging and informative as possible.

Why we need you

We want to know what type of devices you use so that we can build a portal which is accessible for everyone of our volunteers. We also want to know how you would like to navigate the portal to make it as simple to use for you. 

Other things we want you to tell us are what topics would you like to see and what do you need? We want to know how we can support you to use the portal in the best way for you.

Focus group

Next week, we will be sending you a link to a questionnaire to complete so that we can find members for a focus group we will be forming.

The maximum number of members will be eight. We are aiming to have a variety of technical ability and particularly want input from less confident users so we can find out what works to help you to use the portal safely and simply. 

We are looking to include volunteers who use a variety of devices so we can ensure the best experience we can on the devices you use.

We will meet regularly over Teams and use the Teams chat as means of communicating.

How often? This will be agreed as we progress through this project.