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Ear ‘n’ Dog

Let’s catch up and celebrate this year’s successes down the pub on Wednesday 7 June. The theme will be Summer, particularly gardening and photography, as these are pastimes many of us enjoy. I’m looking for the following contributions:

  • Gardening related photos
  • Your top 3 favourite photos (of anything) – where and why
  • Summer holiday stories – best ones/disasters/funny/school holidays when you were small…
  • Gardening stories – your most successful year/flower/vegetable etc.   Funny poignant or helpful stories…
  • Particularly welcome from me – tips on how not to kill every cutting my avid gardener daughter gives me to grow in my window box!

Invitations to your Teams calendars to follow. Please send any contributions to me as follows by Monday 5th June:  Really looking forward to catching up as it’s been a wee while.