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None of us know what the future holds but what we do know is that hearing loss will continue to impact on the lives of millions of people for a very long time to come.

We also know that human nature being what it is, people will continue to need information, support and ways to feel in touch with others in situations similar to themselves.

Hearing Link is a charity that works throughout the UK to meet the needs of people who live with hearing loss. It was formed through the merger of two other long-standing national charities: Hearing Concern and The LINK Centre for Deafened People.

Each of these charities was dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of people living with hearing loss, and after they merged in 2008, that same dedication has continued through Hearing Link.

At whatever point in the years or decades ahead that your gift is received by Hearing Link, you can be assured that it will be spent in a way that will positively benefit people with hearing loss and their loved ones.

Making a difference

Whether it is one percent or one hundred percent of your estate, your gift will make a real difference.  Here are some examples of what your gift could do for Hearing Link right now.

  • £250 could provide speech to text transcription to support a Hearing Link user consultation, for example, to initiate a campaign to improve hearing loop systems in public buildings
  • £400 could pay for a person to attend a Link Up programme so they can gain the knowledge, techniques and support to live well with hearing loss.
  • £1,000 could allow us to provide 20 people with introductory to become a Hearing Link volunteer so they can perform a variety of roles, including checking hearing loop systems, public speaking, running our exhibition stands, and web research.
  • £2000 could allow us to give selected volunteers additional training to allow them to perform specialist roles, such as providing one-to-one support, facilitating our specialist courses, and participating on our Helpdesk panel.
  • £2,500 could allow 15,000 visitors from all parts of the UK (and elsewhere in the world) to access Hearing Link’s website, where they can find audiological information, personal stories, blogs & forums, advice on lipreading, communication, rights and benefits and much more.
  • £5,000 could enable a person who has become profoundly deafened and their family to attend a specialist Hearing Link Rehabilitation Programme so they can learn to adapt and manage in order to live a full life.

Contact us

If you would like to speak to someone about including a gift to Hearing Link in your will, please get in touch.

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