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Lipreading teacher training opportunity – Manchester

The Manchester Centre for Deaf Studies has recently received some additional funding to provide grants, interest free loans and bursaries to people training as lipreading teachers.

Lipreading classes can be immensely helpful and empowering in many ways for people who have a hearing loss.  They are also friendly, supportive and informal, enabling people to share problems caused by their deafness and also tactics which they have found useful.  Many people attending lipreading classes find that their confidence improves and that they become much less isolated.

The lipreading teacher’s role: A qualified lipreading teacher is able to help people who are deaf in many ways. These include enabling people to develop lipreading and other communication skills, and enabling many who use hearing aids to derive greater benefit from them. In the friendly, relaxed and informal setting of a lipreading class, the lipreading teacher also provides a great deal of useful information, for example, about helpful organisations and services, conversation tactics, and aids for the television and the telephone.

Course content: The course covers many areas including: the teaching of lipreading and other communication skills; the practical and psychological implications of deafness; adult education; the medical and audiological aspects of deafness; and the information and services available for deaf and hard of hearing people. The course also includes the strategies, skills, understanding, and attitudes required for inclusive communication with people with a hearing impairment who use speech.

What sort of people are they looking for? The Centre is looking for people with a mature outlook who have a warm, caring and professional approach. Applicants should be able to speak clearly and be willing to learn how to communicate effectively with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. We welcome applications from people who have a hearing loss.

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