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Blog: Noise in Nottingham

By John Newton, Hearing Link volunteer Although people who worked in noisy places have known since the beginnings of the industrial revolution that loud noises make you deaf, the effect wasn’t recognised “officially” in the UK until the 1970s, around the time that legislation about conditions in factories was also radically altered. The vital change […]

Royal Academy of Arts need hearing aid users to test new facilities

Royal Academy of Arts need hearing aid users to test new facilitiesThe Royal Academy of Arts in London is inviting hearing aid users to get in touch who can help them to test its new theatre. It recently opened the Benjamin West Lecture Theatre and is testing its new assistive listening systems to ensure its talks, films and other spoken word events are accessible for all. […]

Volunteer training weekends

In anticipation of our new ways of working with families and in communities, we have been delivering a series of volunteer training weekends throughout the autumn.   Each event is addressing one broad area of activity for Hearing Link, including the following: personalised one-to-one support small group programmes volunteer leadership, team coordination and community engagement marketing, […]

National Theatre in London introduces smart caption glasses

Starting from this autumn, the National Theatre in London will be offering D/deaf audience members the chance to book a pair of augmented reality glasses (or Smart Caption Glasses) which project subtitles onto the lenses.    Initially the glasses will be on offer for Hadestown and War Horse, but the National plans to roll the glasses out for […]

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