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Survey: Support in the workplace for people with hearing loss and tinnitus

Action on Hearing Loss (AOHL) has launched a survey to find out what support deaf, and people with hearing loss and tinnitus receive in the workplace.

Five million people of working age are deaf or have hearing loss or tinnitus, but little is known about the support people are getting – or not getting – to help them in work, and the impact that this has. To find out more, AOHL are asking people who are currently in work to complete this survey.

The survey asks questions to find out:

● what support, if any, you are receiving in the workplace and how this helps
● what support would be helpful in the workplace that you are not receiving.
The findings will enable AOHL to work with service providers and the government to improve the support services available for people who are deaf or have hearing loss or tinnitus in work.
To take part in the survey, visit:
If you have any questions about the survey or would like to complete the survey on paper, please email the research team at