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More people to access cochlear implants after criteria expansion

More people to access cochlear implants after criteria expansionMany more people across England and Wales with hearing loss will now be able to access the benefits of a cochlear implant. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has announced that it will expand the criteria that health professionals use when determining who is eligible for a cochlear implant within the NHS. […]

Volunteer training weekends

In anticipation of our new ways of working with families and in communities, we have been delivering a series of volunteer training weekends throughout the autumn.   Each event is addressing one broad area of activity for Hearing Link, including the following: personalised one-to-one support small group programmes volunteer leadership, team coordination and community engagement marketing, […]

Lipreading Awareness Week (10-14th September)

Lipreading Awareness WeekToday marks the start of Lipreading Awareness Week 2018. This week (10th-14th September) is an opportunity to raise awareness of hearing loss and how learning to lipread can support communication. Led by the Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults, there will be a series of free taster sessions taking place across the country for […]

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