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Use of phone & video calls for delivering health, care & befriender services

A new video resource is now available to support managers, staff and volunteers who are using phone and video calls to deliver health, care and befriender services to older people, a high proportion of whom have hearing loss.

The video by Ideas for Ears is highly practical and looks at problems caused for those not easily able to hear and follow what’s said on phone or video calls, and how to fix them.

Phone and video calls are being used far more than ever before due to COVID-19.  The video will help managers, staff and volunteers to make their phone and video calls easier for people to hear and follow.

It is in 3 parts:
Part 1 – why it matters
Part 2 – the challenges experienced by older people when using phone and video services
Part 3 – how service providers can reduce or remove the challenges

The video can be watched in full here – or each section can be watched separately here.

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