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New study reveals the impact of hearing loss on mental well being

A new study has given an insight to social and health impacts of hearing loss on a person’s well being.

Clear Living, a healthcare and lifestyle website, released its annual report – Impact of Hearing Loss on Mental Well-being and Lifestyle Study – which highlights the detrimental effect hearing loss has on mental well being and social lifestyle.

The research asked 3,700 Clear Living website users who have hearing loss or whose loved one is affected by hearing loss during 2019-20. Participants answered questions around the most impacted areas of their lives citing personal, social and activity related problems, as well as anxieties (pictured) around using hearing aids and having a hearing test.

Key findings of the report showed:

  • 89% of participants cited social and personal problems as key impact of hearing loss
  • 58% of participant’s statements say that their relationships had suffered
  • 39% of participants claimed that their conversations had declined or were harder to follow
  • Despite hearing loss, 75% had concerns about buying a hearing aid
  • 30% found watching TV difficult while 35% struggled being out with friends in public places.

Some of the participant’s feedback about the impact of hearing loss showed that hearing loss “Isolated me from being in a public place” and “It has caused me depression”.

The full report can be read here: