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Cochlear implant users needed for Covid-19 study

Please note: This survey has now closed.

The Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre is looking for adults who use at least one cochlear implant to assist in a new research.

The study aims to better understand the impact that the measures introduced to combat the spread of COVID-19, such as the use of face-masks and the 2 metre distancing rule, may have on the listening experiences of individuals who use a cochlear implant.

They are particularly interested in how effortful daily life communication is and which technological solutions may be useful to improve online conversations.

Participants must be aged 18 and over, use at least one cochlear implant, speak English fluently (able to read and understand the questions) and with no cognitive impairments (e.g. dementia).

The survey contains two questionnaires and takes about 20 minutes to answer. However, participants can take as much time as they need.

Adults who use a cochlear-implant interested in the study, can access the survey here: