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Remote audiology project – participants wanted

The Remote Audiology Project is a collaboration between the UCL Ear Institute and the Adult Diagnostic Audiology clinic at UCL Hospitals, and is funded by the NIHR-UCLH BRC Deafness and Hearing Problems Theme.

This aim of this project is to leverage UCL’s excellence in basic auditory science to help relieve pressure on the NHS during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic reduced the availability of face-to-face audiology appointments, heightened risks of travelling to appointments for patients, and lengthened waiting lists for audiology referrals.

Remote audiology services could help to resolve these problems, by enabling clinicians to perform preliminary online assessments of patients’ needs so that in-clinic appointments can be used more effectively. However, tools for remote audiological assessment must be validated by direct comparison with results of standard in-person tests. 

The UCL Ear Institute is looking for volunteers to take part in a project to validate online strategies we have developed to provide remote audiology services.

They are inviting people aged 18 years or over, who have a diagnosed or suspected hearing loss or impairment and have access to a smartphone and PC, to take questionnaires and hearing tests remotely at home and then to come into the Ear Institute for audiology testing.  

Inclusion Criteria: 

  • Aged 18 or above 
  • Native or fluent English speaker
  • No diagnosed neurological conditions, psychiatric disorders, or developmental disabilities
  • Suspected OR diagnosed hearing loss / impairment / problems (e.g., tinnitus) 
  • Access to a quiet setting where you can complete the task with no external distractions 
  • Access to a smartphone with good internet connection 
  • Access to a desktop or laptop computer with good internet connection and headphones

Please note that since in-person testing will take place at the UCL Ear Institute, 332 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8EE, this study is most suitable for people living in or near the Greater London area.  

If you’re interested in participating and meet the requirements, please contact the UCL Ear Institute via this online form and one of the research team will contact interested participants.

This project has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee. 

For more information please visit the UCL Ear Institute website at or email Charis Wong, Professor Jennifer Linden (Principal Investigator) or Dr Hannah Cooper (Co-Investigator).