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Product of the month: Hearing aid maintenance kit!

Hearing Aid Maintenance KitOur fabulous product of the month for April is our Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit!  

Head over to shop.hearinglink.org to pick up yours for only £7.99 plus postage. 

 This easy-to-use product is perfect for cleaning and looking after your hearing aid. 

 The kit contains: 

  • Blue earmould puffer for drying out condensation in the earmould tubing. 
  • All in one waxtool, brush and battery magnet. The perfect multi-purpose tool with a wire loop for clearing wax, brush for cleaning and small magnet to help with removing and fitting batteries. 
  • Multi-wired vent cleaner for clearing blocked holes or tubes 

 Get yours now: http://shop.hearinglink.org/pom–hearing-aid-maintenance-kit-puffer-pipecleaner-and-brush-set-202-p.asp  

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